Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dinnertime in the Old Days

I thought I would tell you about what dinnertime was like for me growing up.

Well, dinner was always at 6pm and we all ate at the table together(mom, dad, me and grandma). When I was very young I had a round booster seat with orange and yellow circus animals on it. I also had my own dishes. Plastic kids' ones. My favorites were a Disney circus theme (the plate had all the characters and they had MM balloons, the bowl had Donald, and the cup had Minnie riding an elephant)and Mary Poppins. I also had a big bird cup and an Oscar cup as well as a 2 handled yellow sippy cup that had a picture of a monkey drinking from the same sippy cup[ and another cup called footsie. It was green with a handle and a face and the bottom had big yellow shoues(hence the name footsie!!). As i got older I used the same dishes as the rest of the family -- Correll white with a pea green small flower pattern around the edges. My mom still has them and so does my friend, Mandy :)

I always drank milk with dinner. My dad had 7-up. Mom had nothing and Grandma had her 2nd glass of wine. She had the first one before dinner. Red wine with ice and when she was done and the ice melted I could drink that part!!

I always had to take a vitamin with dinner. Not a fun one like Flinstones (byw, whoe the hay ever came up with the idea to make vitamins into Flinstone shapes of all things?!!??!). No, I had prescription fluoride vitamins 9that my mom also took while she was pregnant). They came in pink, yellow or orange. They were okay, but a bit sour. I never had a cavity, though, because of them!!

My dad took vitamins, too. I know there were like 5 (he also took some at breakfast), but the only ones I remember were a little red one and 2 Lecithins(the same shape and size as Nyquils). Sometimes, if I asked, my dad would bite into them!! I know that could not have been pleasant.

Every Monday or Tuesday we had my favorite -- Chicken, rice and peas. We also usually had a beef roast one day or stew and spaghetti or another pasta like on Friday. We ate ketchup with our macaroni and cheese. During lent we always had fish on Fridays as we were Catholic.

And that was dinnertime for me growing up.


Kim said...

I remember you taking those vitamins! How did your mom get the prescription for those for you?

Robyn :) said...

I would say from a pediatrician!! LOL.

I was still taking those in Junior High and above???? Daaaaaaannnnnnggggg.