Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Extreme Family Home Evening

TJ and I finally made an effort to have Family Home Evening last night. For my non-Mormon readers, I will explain. The church encourages members to set aside one evening a week(Monday, but any day can work)to spend with the whole family doing an activity that will strengthen us spiritually and as a family(can someone explain that in the comments better, please? Sharon?). Normally you open and close with a prayer, share a scripture or spiritual idea(lesson) and then have some kind of activity. Treats are also a good addition :). I will try to document ours weekly so you can all get an idea.

Anyway, last night's went well and was definitely exciting. First, I made pizza from a kit for dinner(last minute idea). Since that took a little longer than expected(we had a hail storm and tornado sirens went off) I did the lesson during dinner. I got the idea from an article in the Ensign magazine(a church publication). I had already read the article. It was on sharing the gospel. So I read a passage from the article and we discussed ways we can share the gospel or church activities we can invite friends to that are fun (like potlucks) and lets them ask about our church if they want OR if they don't want to they can just enjoy the activity and not have people pressuring them to come to church or join. But it lets them see what we are about. It can also be as simple as inviting someone for dinner. They can see how we live by the gospel and they can ask about it or not. We also read a scripture.

Then came the fun part. I did not have any dessert to prepare. Our activity was going to be a board game but we decided to go to Baskin Robbins instead for an activity and treat combined. The one at the old PX was closed already so we had to go into town. It lightninged and rained the whole way. Then on the way home it HAILED. Lots of hail. It was pretty exciting and a little scary.

When we do Family Home Evening we DO Family Home Evening!! LOL

It was nice, though, to set aside that time together.

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Sharon said...

I think you did a fine job explaining it. :) We need to get into the habit of having FHE ourselves.