Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Jessica passed me another awesome aaaaawward.

Love it!!! Thank you, Jessica!!

It comes with rules, though.

1st Rule...
Post 5 things you are addicted to....
1. Soda
2. Riding on back of hubby's motorcycle
3. Tupperware
4. Quiznos broccoli cheese soup
5. Facebook

2nd Rule....
Pass on to 5 deserving bloggers!!

1. Kim. Always has fun and informative posts, usually with her wonderful photography to jazz them up!

2. Dawn. She makes the most awesome cards and shares her vacations and adventures with beautiful photos.

3. Starshine. I loved reading about her life in LA, but now she moved to Houston and I am looking forward to reading about her life there!

4. Jen. I know Jessica already passed to her, but now she can say she got it from 2 of us!! She takes amazing photos and writes so insightfully.

5. Jennifer P. Always a fun read!! She is amazing :)

I am breaking the rule and adding #6.

6. Sharon. I almost forgot!!! She is soooo creative and shares her cute cards and cakes and other crafty things as well as pictures of and stories about her life.

You all are Fabulous!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OOOH! I edited my post, I didn't know you passed it my way too! THANK YOU! :D

I haven't been on my blogging game recently, my classes have been taking up more time that usual. :( Most of posts have been pre-written and scheduled. I am hoping to get back on my game next week. :)

LOVE your snowman too!