Monday, March 9, 2009

Hello From A Secret Location!!!

Okay, not so secret. I am in the computer lab at school (don't worry, I am off the clock!!). Getting ready to go watch the Kindergarten and 1st grade musical with my hubby :) It will be fun!!!

More later......

Okay, I am home now. The musical was fabulous!! Hubby forgot the camera, though!! . Oh, well, I can copy pictures from the school website.

Since I was at school late for that I did not get to walk, but I did swing a bit during afterschool program so I was able to exercise my legs :) I pretty much stuck to my diet. I drank my bottle of water(though finished it after a bit of diet coke at break, OOPS). I had a breakfast bar for breakfast and water, soup and crackers and a few chips for snack (with diet coke), small portion of cheesy potatoes and sausage for lunch with diet coke and a few more chips, a milk after lunch, a milk for afterschool program, lasagna, salad and light ranch dressing, and 3 pieces of garlic bread for dinner with lemonade. No sweets!!

I forgot to weigh myself this morning. Maybe tomorrow.

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