Friday, March 20, 2009

My Friend is Tight With the Paparrazi!!

She is almost becoming one as well!!

Okay, I found this too funny. My friend of 20 years(and I do believe that now that number is official!!), Kim, posted this POST about going to the Octomom's house (she lives like 5 MILES {not minutes} away)and she actually photographed the paparrazi!! And talked to them. I thought that was deliciously ironic!! Leave it to her to make the story seekers into a story!!

She also wrote a story for her free lance job on the home and the city it is in that you can view HERE.

Being from the neighboring city of Whittier, which has seen it's fair share of media attention over the years for various happenings(including a large earthquake) I can see how this is quite interesting and exciting to the people who live there!! I don't agree that this woman should be getting all this attention (and I do believe she is perpetuating it further than it normally would have gone), but I do think it is fun to see paparrazi practically in your own backyard!! (a bit hypocritical, I know).

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Kim said...

Five MILES away. Twenty cars drove by her house to just look at it in the 20 minutes I stood in front of it. Dang, I should have taken a picture of myself in front of it!