Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Spring Break Plan

Doesn't sound like much of a break. Wish I would've gone to California.

Monday --
1. Do ALL laundry
2. Work on the yards (clean em up, soften the ground, clean driveway, sweep)
3. Clean dishes(start tonight)
4. Clean room
5. Pay Bills

Tuesday --
1. Clean out car and wash
2. Finish dishes
3. Continue cleaning room
4. Possibly shop for plants and other yard stuff
5. Be outside
6. Take Scout to vet to weigh him
7. Mail bills and deliver cable payment

Wednesday --
1. Clean/organize craft room

Thursday --
1. Clean out refrigerator
2. Clean and organize storm closet

Friday --
1. Hang curtains
2. Buy more rods
3. Research plant and fabric costs

Weekend will be free. Hopefully. And hopefully not alone.

Okay, just added something!! First, TJ has a 4 day weekend next weekend -- woo hoo!! 2nd, I was reading Jen Disney's Blog, and got a bit of inspiration from her most recent post. From just looking at the placement of the blue end table we have a rough plan for rearranging our livingroom which will break it up into 2 areas, something I resisted doing for a long time, but I have a problem area with the way it is now and it looks like a break may be a necessary remedy to this. I told TJ where I wanted the placement of the couches and then the rest is up to him!! This will be added to Friday. Looks like we may be a bit busy on Saturday with this, too.

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