Monday, March 30, 2009

New Day, New Routine

So today went very well for me. Yesterday I slept all day and I had a weird headache at the base of my head(had it all weekend) and my knees were in a lot of pain. Today my knees were only hurting minimally(basically when I got up or down, which I did alot) and my headache went away after I got to school(the apple juice must have worked!!)

I am working in Kindergarten all morning for 3 days this week. Loved it today. We also went back to our normal reading group schedule in the afternoon this week. For the past 2 weeks(which includes the week before break)the upper grades have not had reading because of State Testing. However, we had a few 2nd graders who were in 3rd grade reading and I was asked to facilitate that group so I got to do a bit of "teaching"!! It was fun, but I am happy to be back para-ing in a reading class!!

I am trying to start some new routines at home, as well. One is that I will not go to bed with dirty dishes in my sink!! They either need to be in the dishwasher(and i always rinse my dishes before putting them in) or washed and drying. Drying dishes in the sink are okay because they are CLEAN. They have to be put back the next day, though. In addition, each night, I have to wipe down my counters with disinfectant spray. I will also do the same thing in the bathroom(toilet and sink and bathtub rim)with wipes. That will start on Wednesday.

I am getting back on track with my laundry schedule...
Monday -- whites
Tuesday-- lights(did these today, too)
Wednesday-- darks
Thursday-- linens
Friday-Sunday-- army

Since Wednesday is the beginning of a new month I will go back on my "diet" (dessert once a week) and start an exercise routine. I want to start walking when I get home from work or after dinner. Today in afterschool program we walked the track and I even jogged a bit!! Tomorrow we go rollerskating!!

We will also be starting our Get Out of Debt program that I designed(I'll share another time). We have already partly started this.

I don't want to overdo things so that they get to be overwhelming, but the debt program and cleaning plans are a MUST.

Eventually I will introduce a process for eliminating clutter and then a regular cleaning schedule, but for now the wiping down of the kitchen and bathrooms is enough.

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