Friday, March 20, 2009

Not once, but twice!!

Well, we went to topeka today to get something for TJ for work and we swung by the Expocentre for a bike show. Unfortunately it did not officially start until 5pm. The guy at the front let us walk around for free, but not all the bikes were there. So....

We are going BACK to Topeka tomorrow!! We are going to see if TJ's friends(who just bought their own bikes yesterday and are keeping them here until they get tags) want to go, too.

This is a first for us -- 2 Topeka trips in one weekend!!

We also went to the Kansas Museum of History which was really cool and Olive Garden for lunch!! I am pooped now so I am just gonna stay in this evening and maybe try to put my new photo software on the computer so hopefully I can upload the 200 photos I have trapped on my camera!! I will share a few when I do.

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