Thursday, March 12, 2009

NyQuil Dreams

When I am sick with a cold I love taking Nyquil at night because it eases some of the symptoms and helps me get to sleep. However, I usually end up having weird dreams because of it!!

These were some last night.

I was in a big city (like Topeka) for a memorial service and I was out with friends or coworkers and I was drinking a cocktail(I don't drink). I was thinking that Mormons were allowed to have like one drink, but if you had 2 drinks it was bad or you could have like one cocktail and a beer. Then I realized we were not supposed to drink at all and I felt stupid for not remembering that!! And guilty.

There was a lottery or something going for front row seats at the memorial.

Instead of living in my tri level, our post housing was my old house, but with a bigger backyard. We were having a party in it. I noticed parachuters in the distance, but they landed near my fence. I went in for something(probably a camera!!), came back out, and all the people in my backyard were gone!! No parachuters either. I thought I saw a helicopter or plane about to crash(it was going down at an angle), but I never heard anything or saw anything.

That's all I can remember right now. I need to take Nyquil again tonight so I will report on any more weird dreams

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