Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Plan Was a Good One

The execution, though, failed.

I got the laundry done and most of the dishes. I paid the bills. But that's it.

On Monday/Tuesday I only got 3 hours of sleep and that was in the morning. Then I had a patchy 2 hour nap Tuesday afternoon. So no car cleaning. Too hot anyway. Last night there was an emergency and I had to go take care of some kids and nearly had a nervous breakdown (not really because of them because they were not that hard to take care of) because I thought their mother was going to be admitted to the hosptial and TJ and I would be the only ones to take care of them and I'd only had 5 hours of sleep!! I felt totally useless. Luckily, mom came home :)

I then took 1/2 a tylenol PM last night to insure that I would sleep(in case I had to go back today) and ended up sleeping to 2!! I am in better spirits, but my throat hurts.

So no craft room cleaning today and not sure what will happen the rest of the week. So my plans are pretty much shot!!

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