Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sidetracked .... It's a Nice Place to Be

I find that I get sidetracked a lot. Like, I am doing something and then I end up doing something else. Like one night I was down in the kitchen and just putting something away and I ended up organizing my whole pantry. Or when I was putting scrapbook stuff away and decided I needed to relabel my 4 sided supply shelf (because I moved things around).

Just tonight I was planning on getting something to drink and coming back to read blogs, but I needed to use the bathroom first and when I was there in my nice CLEAN bathroom I decided it was a good time for a shower so I ended up doing that first!!

I got sidetracked this whole day by falling back to sleep numerous times when I planned to get up!!!

Now I am going to get sidetracked in this post and tell you about how much I love vaulted or slanted ceilings. The ceilings in my livingroom and upstairs bathroom are slanted and it makes a world of difference. My bathroom is actually very small, but with the slanted ceiling it looks and feels bigger. same with the livingroom. When i drive by other people's homes like mine and can see in their window their rooms look small(even though I can't see the whole thing) or when I can see my duplex mate's when her door is open, but when you get insiode they feel so much bigger because of the slanted ceiling.

Now, back to the topic. What gets you sidetracked?

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