Thursday, March 5, 2009

So Wrong, But It Feels So Right

Do I have your attention now??? LOL

I live in Kansas. It is the beginning of March. Today the high was 85 degrees.

I know that this is not right. that it should still be cold out. that this may be global warming, but.....

It feels so good!!!!!!!!

I wore capris to work (I did yesterday, too, and will wear denim ones tomorrow). I wore slip ons and took my socks off at lunchtime. I drove with my window open AND the air on. The air conditioning came on at work. I switched over from heat to air this morning in the house. I ate lunch outside. I took 2 classes out for extra recesses.

I talked TJ into barbecuing sausage this evening. We watched the sunset as we did this. We ate out in the back under the back porch light (we had a bug casualty in our cheesy potatoes!!). My cat got to explore the backyard with almost disatrous results(first something freaked him out and he insisted going back the front door. Then he came back out and rolled around in the dirt. This warranted a wipe down with wipes and if he doesn't get himself clean.. a bath!!).

Oh how I miss my carpet, though!! I miss being able to walk around barefoot on something soft. I wonder if housing would agree to put in carpetting in the livingroom for me? I am also kinda missing the balcony, BUT I still have a nice view of the sunset and plenty of room for the barbecue and table.

It is supposed to be nice again tomorrow, but not as hot. More like Spring than Summer. Then it will rain this weekend.

I am loving this warm weather, though, even of it is wrong :)

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