Friday, March 13, 2009

Starting the Right Way

I am officially on Spring Break for the next 9 days and to kick it off I am going to stay in my house, mostly in bed, and just read and watch TV. Maybe knit and color, too. I am going to try realllly hard to go to church on Sunday, but probably just Sacrament Meeting (which means I have to drive separately from my husband. Curse his calling!! LOL).

The reason I am just going to stay in bed is because I SICK. A pretty good cold. I got a stuffy nose and cough. I used to get colds in stages -- stuffy nose, scratchy throat, sore throat, then cough. Now I get sore throat, then stuffy nose and cough at the same time!!

I made it through school today, but not afterschool program. I was coughing too much. I also had some trouble breathing earlier in the day because I only used one spray of nasal spray, but I got more at lunch so I can breathe again(I used to SUFFER before I discovered nasal spray). The cough medicine isn't working too well, though. I may need to get some with codeine(which means either a trip to the ER or aiting until Monday). No more Nyquil because the cough stuff in that doesn't do anything!!

I do have other plans for Spring Break, after I am feeling better. One is going to Topeka to get my Knock Sensor reprogrammed by Saturn. Another is getting my cat weighed at Animal Doctor to see if he is 10 pounds or less(I don't think so) so they can declaw him. I also have 4 projects -- clean and organize craft room and storm closet, clean and wash my car(gulp) if it is warm enough, and get curtains put up(need hubby to help with that). So I should be pretty busy.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going upstairs to lie in bed and veg.

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Kim said...

Feel better! You need sleep, girl!