Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Typical Tuesday

In True Tuesday Tradition, I had a challenging day. I don;t know why, but Tuesdays are always when I have my worst days ro something goes wrong. Worst of all?? 9/11. Happened on a Tuesday.

So, anyway, i was quite tired this morning and had a hard time getting up and going, but I still managed to leave the house on time. However, upon driving out on the main road I noticed my car was acting funny. It seemed to me that I was overexerting it!! I would give it gass and it would get loud and just really start to struggle. I managed to turn around and get back home. TJ got home from PT soon after and took me to work and I managed to be only be 15 minutes late. I had to watch 3 lines though because one of the other paras is gone. And it was freezing cold.

Next came my good challenges :) I had to facilitate math games/character counts classes for 3 different grades on my own (partner para is the one absent) because of state testing(regular teachers are helping with the tests and their rooms are not available, so I go into the kids' classrooms). It was fun. The principal asked me yesterday if I could handle it on my own and I said sure. I know most of the kiddos.

Also, we had recess inside because of the wind chill so I was with a class for that :) Easy, though,. They watched a movie. In the afternoon I facilitated a small reading group (because only the lower grades have reading right now and I usually work in the upper grades and the teacher/reading coordinator had to do some testing). LOVED that. Get to do that for the rest of the week and after Spring break.

For afterschool we went to our weekly meeting/class/test at the skating rink. After spring break we will not have our meetings for 2 weeks, but are still going to the rink so we can skate with the kids!!

TJ picked me up. Later I showed him how my car was acting. The check engine light is on, too, now.

I did not get to walk today because it is FREEZING. Literally, the temp is below freezing.

The evening is going well. Scout is content to stay inside and I finalized my Tupperware orders. Gonna watch Real Housewives in awhile. Hopefully I have a better start to tomorrow!!

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