Saturday, March 7, 2009

Why? WHY??????

Why, on this weekend of all weekends, do the people across the street and down a duplex have to have a party at the same time I am having one??????? You can only park on one side of the street so they are parked on this side AND in front of mine!! And in front of my duplex mates!! So all my guests will be having to park a few houses away!!

I am not happy.

I know they had no way of knowing I was having a party, but I am still irked.

Luckily, there was a space open in front of duplex mate's house where her husband always parks but he is on 24 hour duty so I moved TJ's car there(we had both cars in our driveway). Now there is a spot for my Tupperware demostrator. If someone moves from in front of my house my car is going there until a guest shows up and they can have it!!

Oh, and did I mention it is starting to rain and we are under a severe storm warning? That there has already been a tornado warning southwest of here? I cannot fit more than like 2 people in my storm closet and right now it is filled with junk!! I could get a couple more in the storage closet, but I need to get stuff out of there, too!! And that is about it!!


UPDATE -- The party went well :) Parking wasn't too bad (a couple spaces did open up). Rain wasn't too bad either.

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