Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wish I'd known......

...that train fare is cheaper than air fare and it only takes 31 hours to get to California and that my husband was gonna be out with his friends all day today and out all night with them and then on a ride tomorrow because then......


I am not happy right now. I have been in bed all day with just my cat for company(he does a great job of keeping me company, though). I have kicked this cold's butt so nopw I am bored and alone and depressed. Not how I wanted to start my Spring Break.

I could drive to Topeka tonight, get on a train at 1am and be in California Monday morning at 6:30am and then back next Sunday all for under $400.00, BUT my cousin's shower was today and so now there would be no point(well, other than to see my MOM and KIM and actually have a vacation this Spring Break). If I had looked up train fare back when I was looking up air fare I probably could have found a reasonable price and gone, dang it!!

Well, now I know, travel by train. And don't worry that my husband can't go because he can just hang out with his friends, which he is doing anyway.

Anyway, he is talking about taking some leave in July so I am going to try to convince him to take a trip out to California again(by train) because we can both go for a little over $400.00 by train. It is cheaper than going to Florida and quicker, too (I looked it up). Or we can go to New York or something because that is cheaper and quicker, too!! Just have to pay for hotel.

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