Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Yard Plan

I have the following plans for my yards. So excited to finally have a yard!!

1. 2 butterfly bushes under the front windows
2. 2 rose bushes
A. Either on each side of window or each side of house
B. Colors -- red, pink, or an orangy color. No yellow or white
3. Free bedding plants from housing to fill in the rest of the area in front of
house(or possibly buy some bedding plants if good price)
4. Put a little pit of pickett fence along driveway OR a low one in front of bushes.
5. Possibly put decorative brick arund bushes.
6. Buy a soaker attachment for the hose(maybe put a picket fence around hose to hide
it !!!)

1. Redo patio furniture
A. Find someone to sew new cushion covers for us
B. Find cheap fabric to cover cushions
C. Possibly spray paint chair frames to match new fabric
2. Start vegetable garden
A. 2 or 3 tomato plants(different kinds)
B. Beans
C. Peas
D. Carrots
E. Zucchini
F. Cucumber
3. Buy hanging plants for clothes line or plan to hang sheets there in the summer.
(buy clothespins)
4. Plant free flowers on other side of "porch" or along base(move trash cans)
5. Buy flat or stepping stones to put from "porch" steps to grass

I would appreciate any advice on when to plant these things and where to get cheap fabric. Thanks!!

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