Thursday, April 23, 2009

An Account of my Faith

Louis (Socrates1) has asked me in a previous post(you can view it and the comments here) to give an account of my faith. I am going to accept his challenge. I am putting it in a new blog and not in the comments from the last one because that one is about to disappear from the main page due to all the other blogs I have written since!!

To give a little background, I had previously hid his comment, but then decided that I would leave it up because he was just giving his point of view and he did it in a respectful manner(I originally felt that he was attacking my faith, but he wasn't. It really helps to read things with a clear head!!). Anyway, in putting the comment back and I added my own comment and said i did not agree with most of what was said.

Louis has asked what I don't disagree with and has issued a "challenge" for me to give an account of my faith (by challenge I mean he asked a few questions and wants to know my side of it). I think that this will be a good exercise for me in defining what I truly believe.

So, I will start by answering his questions.

#1 Louis said that "without Christ, everything else is meaningless." Do I agree with that or not?

Yes, I agree. Christ came to earth as God's only begotten Son to suffer and die for our sins. He died so that we may have eternal life. He was also resurrected.

#2 "If you believe the mormon church to be the true church, then wouldn't you want to lead others to it?"

Yes. But I am not aggressive about it. I know that the church teaches that we should share the gospel and tell others all about it, but I am not comfortable imposing my faith on others. I do not hide the fact that I am a Mormon and I welcome questions about it and do my best to answer them. However, i do not tell people they should be Mormons. The way I found the church was that I had my own curiosity about it and happened to have a neighbor who was a member. I told him I wanted to learn more about the church. He introduced me to other memebers, I asked questions. they offered a Book of Mormon and asked if I wanted to meet with the missionaries and I agreed. The more they taught the more I prayed about it and felt in my heart that it was true. That is how I made the decision to become baptized.

#3 "Are you confident in your faith only when you're around people in your ward? Or are you confident in your faith, because Christ is with you all of the time?"

Okay, I find this to be a tough question. maybe I don't understand it. My first instinct was to say that I am confident in my faith no matter who I am with(members of my ward or people of other religions), but the second part of the question seems to ask an entirely different thing. I am confident in my faith in Christ so I guess that would be because he is with me. I have always been confident in my faith in Christ, even before I was a Mormon.
Louis, are you asking if I am only comfortable professing my faith in Christ to other Mormons or if I am comfortable professing that faith to everyone?

Now, Louis, let me tell you which points in your comment I disagreed with and why...
1. The only way to get to heaven is by accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.

Okay, yes, that is true, but is that really all? Does that mean if I murder people in cold blood, but then accept Jesus as my savior then I can still get into heaven? What about people who have not had the opportunity to learn about Jesus and therefore accept him as the Savior? What happens then.

2.The church that Jesus established when he was here on earth was not destroyed.

I believe it was. We will need to have further discussion of this. I understand where you are coming from in your argument, but would like you to address it in the comments again before I tell you where I am coming from. Because, honestly, I am getting tired and cannot debate anymore tonight. Or recap what you said, so please explain again :)

3. Mormonism is a cult that puts faith in the doctrine "of a single man" and not in Christ Jesus, of whom was written by many men who bore witness of His life

I believe this was the statement that made me feel as if you were attacking my faith. I do not believe it is a cult. I do not believe it is based on the doctrine of a single man. I can see how others see it that way, though.

4. Don't read the Book of Mormon.

I believe that this is another testament of Jesus Christ along with the the bible.

There is one more point, but I will leave that for another post because it is a big one and opens up a whole other debate. It also one of the things that really testified to me that the Mormon church was true. It is about accepting Christ after we die. I have already asked you a question about that.

I look forward to discussing this further through the comments. Also, to everyone who is reading, this is not just between Louis and I so feel free to add your own two cents!!

Louis, if you do want to keep this between us then we can email. I have no problem with that.

I will also at some point tell you what I did agree with in your comment, because, actually, there was quite a bit I did agree with.


Kim said...

Louis is asking you excellent questions. I am so glad of this. I think what he was trying to get out of you with the question about whether you felt your faith was stronger around people in your ward is how much do you really believe?

And yes, the only way to get to heaven is to accept Jesus Christ as your savior. I can give you biblical answers later to support this (My internet connection is down, so I'm typing this somewhere else and don't have my bible in front of me). Yes, that includes everyone, no matter what. Works don't get you there. Accepting him as your savior does.

I'm so glad you are having this discussion!

Robyn :) said...

Okay, well, then according to you I am going to heaven because I do accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. I believe that there is more to it than this, though. I believe you must also live your life in a worthy and righteous manner in order to enter heaven.

If you are asking how much of what my church teaches I believe then my first instinct would be to say all of it because if I didn't I would not continue to choose to be a member. Honestly, though, there are things that are very difficult to understand and I put my faith in God that at some point he will help me to understand.

Also, I want to make something clear. Just because I believe something, does not mean I expect you to believe it as well. I can tell you what I know and what I feel and think, but I cannot tell you to believe as I do. All I can ask of you is to pray to know what is true. We all have free agency.