Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An Awesome Afternoon

I was feeling kind of funny today. Early in the day I was missing TJ and wanting so bad to just go home and see him(he had today off). Then I began to worry that something was wrong and that was why I was so desperate to see him. I ended up not going to afterschool program and calling TJ who was at the Harley shop, asking him to please go home and be careful. Well, we both got home safely and I felt better, then. I asked if he could give me a ride on his Harley so we went on a little ride on Post and he showed me the most Northern part of Post, where I had not been before. There is a gate there, but it only goes out to the ranges. After we got home I asked if we could go on a drive and he agreed.

Boy did we have a drive!! In a nutshell we drove on the outskirts of Ogden, then went out to I-70 and east to the scenic river drive to Manhattan, then out to Wamego on K-18 going through Zeandale and Waubunsee. We had dinner in Wamego and then took pictures at the City park. Then we drove out to the Pottawanamie County fishing lake and back to Manhattan and took a scenic drive through Manhattan before driving back to post!!

Sometime this week I will share some pictures with you!! It felt good to go out exploring again and taking pictures!!

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Jessica said...

Oh! That sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to see the pictures! :)