Monday, April 27, 2009

Blogging On The Sly

Well, not really, but I am blogging from a secret location!!

Just a quick recap of my weekend. Saturday I cleaned, did laundry, went to the school carnival, read and watched The Lake House twice. And I caught up on blog reading!! Sunday I did...nothing. Well, I read. And watched TV. And made dinner. And monitored the nasty weather. But mostly slept. I did not go to church. Partly because I did not want to, but mostly because I was so dang tired. I had a weird headache again Saturday night so I took the muscle relaxer and that just knocked me out for the whole day after!! I watched like one episode of Moving Up Sunday morning and then fell back asleep!! I also did not get the cleaning done that I wanted OR the Easter Decorations put away so that is my goal for this week!!

Got to go for now. It's scrapbooking time!!

Update -- okay, didn't scrapbook. Strung beads and colored instead. Can you guess where I was?

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