Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Memories

Kim did this on her blog, so of course I have to copy her!! (she always has the best topic ideas!!)

When I was a kid the Easter Bunny hid my eggs inside the house. And not plastic ones. No way. He hid the real ones I worked so hard on dyeing. I always used a Paas Kit. I still do because they are the best!! Dudley's is okay, too.

Once in awhile we made an Easter Lamb Cake. Same one I make now. My Aunt Norine hated it because she hated when we would pick the eyes off!! We used raisins for eyes and half a maraschino cherry for the mouth. I just use jelly beans now.

I had the same Easter Basket every year. It was the one I received as a baby for my first Easter. I still have it.

One year my aunt and uncle sent us all flowers. My mom and dad got a bouquet and my Grandma and I each got a corsage. It was the first corsage I ever got. I think, including that one, I have gotten a total of 3!!! That was the only pin on one, though :)

One year I got 3 big plastic eggs. Well, bigger than normal. They were about the size of a baseball. I don't remember if anything was in them. I enjoyed throwing them in the backyard, though.

One year(coulda been the same year) I think I got a plastic golf set. It seems to me I was hitting those plastic eggs with a plastic golf club.

At my second elementary school that I started in 4th grade they had an Easter "egg" hunt. Instead of eggs we had to find small colored paper squares. We redeemed those for candy. I didn't find any the first year. My friend, Stacy, only found like 1 or 2 and she was disappointed she did not wear a fancy dress to school. Then I was, too, but I didn't know they would have a hunt and she forgot.

We always went to church on Easter (mom and dad, too!!) and I got a new Easter dress. One year I had a fancy hat. too

I got an Easter picture with the Easter Bunny every year, usually at the mall, but then we discovered that it was cheaper at Henshaws.

And my last memory is that one year I had to get up to go potty in the middle of the night(I was so young that I was still asking my mom to take me)and could have sworn I saw the Easter Bunny walking through our diningroom!! To this day I remember seeing something moving slowly and it looked big and furry and seemed to have a big head.

If I wasn't so lazy I would scan some pictures(or take a picture of the pictures with my digital camera) to go with some of these thoughts!!

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