Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter Week Fun!!

So, this week is Easter Week. Back in the old days(when I was a kid), this is when Spring Break was(except if you went to Catholic School and then it was the week after school). However, here in Kansas, Spring Break is in March whether it is around Easter or not!! So I will be working this week. Except Friday, because it is Good friday so it is a day off. And the day after Easter which is a staff development day and I don't have to go.

The point of my post, though, is the fun activities I have planned this week. I had asked TJ if we could have an Easter Open House and he wanted to get back to me and hasn't so i figured he really doesn;t want to and I am not really into it so I am going to do things a little differently, since I want to bake cookies and cakes!!

Monday, I am going to bake the first batch of sugar cookies for frosting(I have 2). Just baking and am going to keep them in my Tupperware for Friday :)

Tuesday, I am going to bake the infamous lamb cake and a new bunny cake. Just baking.

Wednesday, I am going to frost the cakes.

Thursday, I am taking the cakes to work!! This way I can share them(and introduce a whole new group of people to the lamb cake!!) He will not have any surprises like last year.

Thursday night I am baking the second batch of sugar cookies and hard boiling eggs.

On Friday a young friend may come hang out with me. He may help frost the cookies and help me color eggs. If not I will do those things Friday night or Saturday.

On Saturday and/or Sunday I may deliver some goodies to friends.

Monday I am going to make deviled eggs and maybe take them to work on tuesdau to share.


Kim said...

That lamb looks like it's saying, "Saaaaaaaaaave me. Oh please saaaaaaaaave me from the evil knife!"

Anonymous said...

ROFL - your cat totally cracks me up!