Thursday, April 30, 2009

Going to the Fishing Hole

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So, on the way back from Wamego we decided to go check out the Pottawanamie county fishing lake. It is in the middle of nowhere.

You have to take a couple of gravel roads....

And follow the signs which are kinda small, then you come to the entrance

Then you can see it over yonder

and through the trees

We didn't go any further because we were ready to get on back home. We had to double back because TJ did not want to be adventurous any longer to continue on to find our way out!!

But it gave me a chance to take a picture of this plane's fuselage in someone's yard!!

That is all for now. I am hoping to get some nice shots driving out to Topeka tomorrow for the Jeff Dunham show and then on Saturday when we go out to the marina(if if doesn't rain!!).

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