Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I "undeleted" a comment!!

Okay, a few posts back, the one that started everything about this "spiritual crisis" I am having, a fellow blogger left a comment that I "deleted". I actually did not delete it, I just hid it, because I felt the person was attacking my religion and faith. He has been so kind to follow up with some comments and point out the obvious to me so I went back and read his original comment again, this time being in a better state of mind and even though I do not agree with him I put the comment back on there because he is certainly entitled to his opinions and beliefs, as I am. He did not use any profanity or attack me personally, either. He was kind enough to take the time to try to help me and give some guidance which I appreciated so I have left his comment on there.

In somewhat related news, my husband has gone to his Scout meeting tonight at church. I asked him before that if he saw the person whom we asked for help to please tell him not to send anymore emails for TJ to my email. You can probably imagine why. Or maybe not, so I will tell you. I do not want emails telling my husband that he needs to check on his home teaching families or suggestions on how to be more spiritual(okay, to be fair that was an email sent out to everyone) or whatever when this person cannot even answer a simple plea for help. I find it entirely too hypocritical. Plus, I am trying to forgive this person and if he sends anything that I can take offense to that will really not help!! I am not sure what my husband will tell him if the person asks why. I forgot to tell my husband if they ask if I am feeling better to not say yes!! I am, but I do not want them to think they can just brush me aside.

I have had a couple ladies from church write me messages and try to understand what was wrong and give some advice so I am feeling somewhat better about the ward, but I still do not feel comfortable going back yet. I also really do not want to go to hear the Lord's teachings with a hardened heart, either.

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