Wednesday, April 29, 2009

K-18 and the Hidden Towns

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At the end of the scenic river road is a highway that can either take you into Manhattan or back out towards I-70 and down to Council Grove. However, just after you turn right on it to head back to I-70 there is a left on to K-18 east that will take you on another scenic drive. We chose to do that.

Don't you just hate how flat Kansas is???

The tiny towns of


and Waubunsee

Interesting to note, the miniscule town of Waubunsee has a whole county named after it and it is a very large county at that!! The town is on the northern end of the county. On the southern end is Lake Waubunsee, which I hope to visit this summer :)

I loved the color of this trailer home

K-18 East makes it's spectacular end at K-99.

If you go South you go to Alma. If you go North, you go to Wamego.

Which is where the next post will take us.