Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Let's take a Drive!!

One of my favorite things to do is just get in the car and see where the roads take me. I love exploring places I have not been or revisting some favorites.

It has been very rainy here, but yesterday it was sunny all day. I asked TJ to go on a drive with me(meaning he drove, I snapped pictures!!). Originally I wanted to drive around the outside of post and end up in Milford Lake, but that plan changed. The road I asked TJ to take did not do what I thought!!

Anyway, first we exited Ogden gate on the Northeast side of post. Before entering the town of Ogden I asked TJ to make a left on Mallon, a charming little backroad that runs along the west side of Ogden.

We found the town cemetery. The road ended at the old entrance to the ranges on Post. So we had to turn onto Vinton School Road...

It was partly a gravel road :)

This road went around the back of Ogden and then down the east side. From there we picked up K-18 West and took that back to I-70.

I have been trying for MONTHS to get a good picture of this sign!!!

Isn't Eastern Kansas beautiful?

Next I will post pictures of the Scenic River Road.

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