Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Little Off

Today was somewhat of an off day for me.

First, I had a bad headache last night so I took tylenol PM because usually I need the pain medicine plus sleep to get rid of those kind of headaches. Well, the Tylenol ended up working before I went to sleep!! I only took one at 8pm, but it was kinda hard to get up this morning and I felt tired all day. At one point I was putting stuff in the kiddos' mailboxes and I felt like it was going too slow and seemed hard to take a paper from one hand and then put it in the right slot!!

The day itself was just weird as well. I woke up and thought it was raining. Nope. It was sleeting. Then it snowed. Really snowed. About 1 - 2 inches of snow. It snowed all morning. Then the sun came out and the temperature went up to 50 and all the snow melted. Craaaaaazzzzyyyy.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be clear and warmer. I will finally be back to my regular schedule at work.

Now I thik I will need to take a half a tylenol PM (one is too much!!) because I am getting another headache and a tummy ache because I ate like 10 cookies!! I made them last night. Spur of the moment decision. I wanted something sweet and had all the ingredients.

Well, that is all. Sorry if I have not been commenting on anyone's blogs. I am a little behind in my blog reading!! I should be caught up this weekend!!

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