Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Little Something Extra

I will post the last of my pictures in a bit, but first I must tell you of the awesomeness that just visited our neighborhood.

It was the ice cream truck!!

Now, growing up, my mom and dad never let me get icecream from the trucks, either because they thought it cost too much or questioned the safety of it. When I was older the music annoyed the crap out of me.

But here on post I just LOVE it!! They only come when it is warm(of course) so it reminds me of summer and it just feels so special to get an unexpected treat like that(they don't come regularly).

Todays came with a little extra bonus. In addition to ice cream they also sell Blimpie Subs!!! I already had dinner so I didn't get one, but I thought that was soooooo cool.

Also, it was lucky I went to the Commissary to get Sushi for dinner because I had gotten $5.00 cash back to tip the bagger so i had $4.00 left over to get ice cream!! I got a fudge bar for TJ and a banana fudge bar for me, each for just a dollar.

There is another truck that came last year that had ice cream and shaved ices. I hope that one comes around too this year :)

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