Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Moving On.....

I am still working on issues I have with trusting people whom I am supposed to go to for help at church again, but I have had a couple other members reach out to me (people whom I did not even ask for help!) so I am starting to feel a little more as a valued member of the ward again!! I read some scriptures last night and had my husband do our family prayer and then I prayed on my own for awhile. So, you know, one step at a time. I am also trying to work on forgiving. I think this might be key to feeling comfortable enough to go back to church(or at least going without a hardened heart)

Okay, so let me tell you some other stuff going on in my life right now. Well, not much, but yesterday I did get to be one of the witnesses for a marriage ceremony!! A couple of our friends who are having a big wedding in Rhode Island in June(I've told you about that)decided to go ahead and have a "civil" marriage while she was visiting, I think to start collecting BAH so he can rent them a place to live and have it ready for when her and her daughter move out here. Nothing wrong with that!! I kinda wish TJ and I had done that way back when. May have made some things A LOT easier!! Oh well. Anyway, they were married at a reverend's house(not the courthouse, which is where they first went) and it was very nice and simple.

I got to go rollerskating again with afterschool program today and it looks like I will be able to do this every Tuesday for the rest of the school year!! They do not think they will be continuing our training meetings. yay!!

So that is all really. It is warm here and I am enjoying it. I may try to buy a few plants this weekend and start my gardens!! I am trying to save money up, though, for an Ipod Nano and I also need a little for a Peanut doll when we go see Jeff Dunham and maybe some for the post wide garage sale!! But I would like some flowers and a tomato plant for the gardens!!

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