Thursday, April 23, 2009

Okay, Realizing A Few Things

Sometimes it takes an opposing view to make you realize what is lacking in your life, LOL!!

I was thinking today of some of the comments that Socrates1 had made on a couple previous blogs and one thing that has stuck out is the fact that Jesus Christ died for our sins and that we need to glorify God and the Savior. Now he is of the view that this is enough(correct me if I am wrong, Socrates1, because sometimes I misinterpret things -- obviously!!). Although I do not wholly agree with him, I do believe that this is the foundation of living a Christ-centered life and the key to salvation.

I believe I have been so caught up in focusing on all the things I should do to become a "good" member of my church(or what I perceive I need to do) and have lost sight of my personal relationship with God and the Savior. That is what I need to work on first before I start doing the other things that will also help strengthen my faith and my family and enrich my life. "Precept by precept". That is what the Lord tells us. Just don't ask me where in the scriptures that is because I can never remember verse numbers!!

This is also something my friend, Sharon (who is a fellow Mormon), has been trying to tell me. Don't try to do it all at once. Her suggestion was first trying to attend 2 meetings at church(Sacrament and Sunday School) and then after that gets easier add something else like attending the 3rd meeting or daily scripture study. Just one thing at a time.

Well, I think that is a good idea, but instead of starting with the meetings I think I am going to start with daily scripture study and personal prayer, so I can strengthen my personal relationship with God and the Savior. I would welcome any recommendations on which scriptures to read :) Or verses. Or passages. Whatever you call them. I know by doing this I will be able to discern in my heart again what is true and be able to attend church again with an open heart. But I really feel like what I need to focus on is the personal relationship and my testimony of Christ.

Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE the word should?

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