Friday, April 3, 2009

Picture Tag!!!!

Sharon tagged so I shall play.

1~ Go to your document/picture file
2~ Go to the 6th file
3~ Go to the 6th picture
4~ Blog about the picture
5~ Tag 6 friends

okay here goes.....

1. done
2. done (oooh it's a good one!!)

4. This was when TJ and I went California, November 2007. This was TJ's first time out there and the first time to meet all my family. We did not want to have to visit all family members(we only had a week!!) so we decided to have a party. Since my mom was in the midst of packing up the house to move to Florida(a process that has been ongiong since I moved to Florida!!) and there were boxes all over the family room, we decided that a party at the house was not an option. We ended up renting the historic train depot in town!! It was so cool. The picture is from the party. It was a table about TJ's army life. He spent the majority of the evening standing by it showing everything and telling stories!! We had a few albums, a poem I had written for him and his medal.

5. Jennifer P., Suzanne, Jen, Jessica, Starshine and anyone else reading this are TAGGED!!!

6. There should be a #6!!!


suzanne pena said...

so check out my photo tag on myspace.

Anonymous said...

:) Oh boy, this should be fun!