Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pretty Easy

I think the kid I babysat yesterday came with an easy button!!! I am used to babysitting younger kiddos, but this one was 10 and he was so easy it was ridiculous. All he wanted to do was play video games!! Which is what I let him do while we were home, but I did have to drag him out on errands a couple of times. The one time was to get my prescription at the PX and while we waited for that he got to play a video game at Game Stop :) He also go to go out for an hour with his dad to have lunch :)

I guess I should explain a little about this babysitting job. It was one of the kids from school. His parents work for the housing offices here on post. His dad does maintenance for my neighborhood. I offered to watch the kiddo all day because his sister and mopm were on a Girl Scout trip and his dad had to work. Technically he could have stayed home alone, but we all thought it would be better for him to come hang out on Post with me(he couldn't go to work with dad). I refused to take money for payment because I think it is a conflict of interest as I work at his school(and afterschool program) and his dad is our maintenance guy. So, they said they would have us over for a barbecue, which is awesome, plus I think more than enough for watching such an easy kid!!

The day before last I had my doctor appointment about my weird headaches. Wouldn't you know, though, that they stopped a day before the appointment!! Well, the doctor and I agreed the pain was probably coming from when I wore my helmet riding the motorcycle with my husband. I agreed to try a muscle relaxer for now. Since I had never taken one before I asked the pharamacist if it makes you drowsy(it seemed logical) and he said yes and it makes you feel like a jellyfish! Well, I took one last night and it did not make me feel like a jellyfish, but it made me tired and relaxed and a heavy sleeper. My hubby was out to 1am with the guys and I did not even hear him come home or get into bed!! But he was there at like 4am or whenever I woke up.

I proceeded to sleep all day. I was awake for about an hour this morning reading, but then just went back to sleep and did not get up until like 4pm(I think i did the same thing last Saturday). Then TJ and I went out to dinner in Salina to Martinellis(I was craving Italian) and then caught the last part of the adult session of Stake Conference at the Stake Center. I was happy to hear the Stake President, Pres. Knapp, speak.

On the way home we saw something a little eerie. We saw about 10 prairie fires. I am pretty sure they were controlled burns, to protect the farms' crops from possible fires this summer. It was just weird to see so many, but I assume they were all going on tonight because the wind was calm for a chnage and there was no rain. It was just weird to be driving along and then spot the orange glow and the smoke and sometimes the flames. I am not a big fan of fire. It pretty much freaks me out.

It looks like I will not be coloring eggs this Easter, even though I bought 2 dozen eggs!!! I will probably still hard boil a batch this week sometime. I also did not get around to making cookies, but I can still make some Spring themed ones(I have a tulip and daisy cutter)for work one day.

I got the Tourbook on Friday from Autoclub for Rhode Island and Massachusettes and have pretty much planned out our anniversary trip. I also found a good flight-hotel-car deal. Just need for TJ's sergeants to approve the leave!!

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