Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Soccer and Scrapbooking

I have a new hobby it seems. It's called watching YMCA soccer games. How did I get involved in this? Well, one of the kids at school is among many kids at school who is playing and asked if I could come watch. Well, of course I had to go and drag my husband along with me!! It was fun. However, it was only the first game. There's another tomorrow. I have been asked to watch that, too. In addition, another kiddo on another team is playing tomorrow also. So I will be playing musical games to watch. And i will prbably be doing this for the next several weeks!! Oy. At least they are free. I think that since last summer, between summer league baseball, high school football and now youth soccer I have been to more sporting events than I have in my whole life!! I love it though. It is fun to have teams to support.

It looks like I will be incorporating scrapbooking into my afterschool job. The coordinator wants to offer scrapbooking as an activity starting next week and told me she heard I scrapbooked!! Well, she came to the right person. I told her I could bring paper,scraps, stickers, funky scissors and punches!! Maybe some brads too. I think this Saturday as I try yet again to tackle the craft room I will organize what I want to bring. This will help me get rid of a lot of excess stuff as well :)

Oh, I also have semi exciting news about my craft and diningroom!! We bought a "new" diningroom table from our friends (and chairs!) so we were able to move the old table up to the craft room to use instead of the card table. So now I have more room to work!! I am so excited. And our diningroom table is bigger!!

More good news -- despit some rainy days ahead the temps look to be staying steady in the 60s and 70s!! Maybe Spring is FINALLY here!!


Kim said...

Now that is cool! What will your first project with them be?

Robyn :) said...

Just gonna show them some of my stuff and some magazines and let them do whatever. the teacher has pictures for them to use