Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spinning the cat

Not really what my post will be about, but I thought it made a good title :) TJ was spinning Scout around on our hardwood floor. I don't think he liked it, but he went right back to TJ after each time!! He also started out spinning on his side, but ended up on his feet, sliding!! Now he is poking his head through a garbage filled plastic bag.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.... I thought I would share some more family home evenings we have had.

Last week we did it on Tuesday because TJ had a range on Monday. We went out to Manhattan for the dinner, activity and treat portions. We went to Applebees. On the way there I read an article out of the Ensign that was originally printed in the 40's from a conference talk. It was about sharing the gospel.

We did this week's tonight, on a Tuesday again, because I had a stomachache last night. I made dinner and during dinner we discussed fasting for a purpose. In our religion we have Fast Sundays, usually the first Sunday of the month, and we fast with a purpose in mind, like if we want someone to feel better or want something spiritually for ourselves. (Scout's in my recliner now. I mean literally -- he got inside the back~!!). We try to fast for 24 hours(well, probably not that long) starting the night before. That Sunday we also have our testimony meeting where we have the opportunity to bear our testimonies of Christ and the Gospel. So, that's what we focused on tonight, while we ate. I got the idea out of the Ensign, in correlation with an article in there. For an activity and treat we went to the Commissary. Kind of a practical FHE for us this time.

I was pretty productive tonight with that and catching up on dishes(I've been slacking!!) and baking 2 cakes!! Unfortunately, last night, I did not get any cookies made. That will be done either tomorrow or Thursday or possibly Friday while my friend is here, before we frost them.

No other exciting news. Wondering when the winter-spring tug of war will end!! It was 14 with the wind chill this morning AND 70 this afternoon!!

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