Friday, April 10, 2009

Stinky Cat, Easter Fun, and a TRIP

Today was a fun day. Kindergarten got to bring stuffed animals. I brought Stinky Cat. I got him in Florida at walgreens. I think I named him Stinky Cat because my real cat, Mama Kitty, would not play with hin and acted like he was stinky. He had a great time.

I also brought my infamous Easter Lamb cake to school for the staff and also a new creation -- a bunny cake. All that was left was the lamb's head, minus his eyes(weird).

I had a doctor's appointment and got a prescription for muscle relaxer(for my weird muscle/neck "headache") and different painkillers for my knees(that won't upset my stomach like what I take now -- was wondering why I was having trouble with that!!). The wait in the pharmacy was too long (I needed to get back to work!!) so I asked TJ to go. He forgot.

I wore bunny ears during afterschool program and "hid" the Easter Eggs for the hunt. I had help from a practicing soccer team on their break. Good thing as there were 300+ eggs. And it was super windy out.

Met my husband and 2 of his friends for dinner in Manhattan and discussed plans for the one friend's upcoming wedding. TJ is going to try to get leave to go and we are calling it our "3rd anniversary weekend trip". We will be going to Rhode Island (the Providence area) and Boston, MA. If anyone can recommend anything to see or do it would be greatly appreciated. I already am planning to visit TAPS headquarters. For those of you that's don't know what that is it is The Atlantic Paranormal Society -- Ghost Hunters!!! So excited about that!!

Now I can't sleep because I am too excited and wound up.

4 day weekend!!!


Jen said...

Yes, I am in Detroit area. :) the airport is big, but I think Denver's and Chicago's are even larger.

I hope you have a great trip!

Robyn :) said...

Been to both!! Chicago many a time. Denver once and i had to walk from one end of the UA terminal to the other to get a connecting flight!
Not as bad as Minneapolis where I had to take a tram from one side of the Northwest terminal to the other AND walk through a mall!!