Friday, April 24, 2009

Things are going good

Yay, it is finally the weekend!!! I can rest now!!

It has been a topsy turvey week, to say the least!! But there has been a lot of good stuff. One thing is that I was able to share my scrapbooking hobby with kids in the afterschool program!! We started by asking them to make pages for our afterschool scrapbook, but we branched out from that into making mini personal scrapbooks. Then, today, one boy made a poster with my supplies and a little girl made a "purse"! It is so fun to give them some basic instruction and then let them get as creative as they can be!! Another little boy did not even need pictures for his scrapbook he just went through all the stickers I had and decorated his pages that way!! I loved it!! It was also nice to be able to share a lot of my stuff and pare down my stash!! A lot of the paper I am going to just leave there for future use.

I found my bike lock key!!! I had no idea where it was and I looked in the places I thought I put it. Then, earlier, I was reaching for a pad of paper to write a scripture dowen and there it was, on the bottom shelf of the printer table!! Now I can ride my bike again.

We ordered pizza for dinner. Papa Johns and it was yummy. I am catching up on blogs now and in awhile I am going to go upstairs and read, watch the Soup, and study some scriptures. Tomorrow I am going to sleep in. I may catch a youth soccer game around 11AM. I have a tupperware party to attend in the afternoon and then our school carnival. The only things I want to accomplish are catching up on laundry and getting the kitchen clean. Even if it means working on them on Sunday. If I am breaking the Sabbath, so be it. I am still not sure if I am going to church. It will depend on how I feel Sunday morning.

I do want to take a minute and say how grateful I am for the job that I have. I love going there everyday and seeing everyone. I have been having some personal sturggles this week (as you well know!!), but while I was at work I could forget all that and concentrate on how I could help the kids. It is really a joy to be able to walk in a room and see faces light up when they see me :) It is rewarding to know you are doing something to help others. It is also very special when you can build a relationship and trust with young people. You may never know the difference you make in their lives, but they will remember you and what you did for them.

How are you spending this weekend? Big plans? No plans? Cleaning? Resting? I want to hear!


suzanne pena said...

i am so glad that you have a job you love! it absolutely helps when you have other stresses in your life to have a "soul filling" place to be.

you are strong and loving and intelligent and you will come through this spiritual struggle. i know it will further strengthen your already strong faith. with your husband and everyone reaching out to you for help, you will find what you need.

with love and positive intentions,

Robyn :) said...

Thanks, Suzanne :)