Monday, April 13, 2009

Travel Plans!!

I always like to have a plan when I travel. I don't always follow it, but it is in place for a bit of structure.

I already pretty much have our Weekend Anniversary Trip To New England(that's the official name. WATTNE for short)planned out, thanks to the AAA Tour Book and Travelocity. Now we just need to get leave approved so I can buy tickets and make reservations!!

This is the plan right now...

We will drop Scout off at the kennel on Wednesday. TJ will sign out for leave either at Midnight or when we leave for the airport which will probably be at 3am. I believe the flight leaves at 7:20am. We have a stopover in either Detroit or Cleveland, possibly changing planes. We arrive in Rhode Island around noon. We will be renting a car from Hertz and staying in Warwick, where our friends' wedding will be. The first order of business is to find TAPS headquarters!!!! 2nd is to try checking into hotel. Those can be switched. The rest of the day will be spent at the beach on Narrangesett Bay. Dinner there, too.

On Friday we will be driving up to Boston. Our 2 must dos is a tour of Boston(hopefully on the Ducks) and lunch or dinner at Cheers. Other possibilities include the JFK Library and Museum and Harvard. We are also gonna try to visit a couple Harley shops.

Saturday morning we are either going to drive out the Connecticut border or take a tour of Providence, or possibly both. Maybe finding a Harley shop. The wedding is at 3, followed by the reception so that is the rest of the day!!

Sunday we are sleeping in and maybe exploring Warwick a little more or spending a little time at the beach. Maybe going to church. Our flight does not leave until after 2pm and the airport is in Warwick. Our flight gets back here after 6pm and then it's a 2 1/2 hour drive home.

Of course, plans may change, but we are definitely going up to Boston, going to the beach and seeing TAPS!!! Oh, and the wedding!!! LOL!!

If anyone reading this has been to any of those places and can recommend anything it will be appreciated!!


Jennifer P. said...

First off--I love Scout watching the eggs being colored!

Second--I am sooo jealous! Haven't been back east since I was 14 and miss it a lot!

Hope you have fun!!!

Jessica said...

Oh it sounds like such a great trip! I would love to see Boston.

Have a fun trip and be safe! :)