Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wamego City Park

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Usually when we go to Wamego it is just to see the Oz stuff. This time, however, I insisted we go see the Dutch Mill

and it just happens to be part of the beautiful City Park.

I am not sure what this is supposed to be(other than a fountain) but it sure looked interesting!!

Like my algae shot?

I was fascinated by the shade of green of this tree

I did not doctor that photo in any way. That was really the color.

Big Boulder

Gazebo and cannon


This was such a lovely pond

In addition to many people fishing, one guy was even playing with a remote control boat

View from the pond bridge

I think they do weddings here

I will show you the Dutch Mill (and a little something else) in the next post, but for now here is a preview..

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