Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wamego for Dinner

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Since we ended up heading for Wamego on Hwy 99

(where I knew we would end up once we were on K-18!!) we decided to stop for dinner there.

On the way we passed this fabulous red roofed building

and a river

Finally we made it to the main drag of town.

We were sad to discover that the Emerald City Market, our favorite place to get gourmet chocolates, had gone out of business(their stuff was rather pricey).

I had to snap a picture of the colorful facade of the coolest place in town.

We had planned to eat at Totos Tacos where they have the best enchiladas in Kansas, but they had closed at 3pm (?!?!!?).

No problem, though because we found a place across the street.

It was an old diner like restaurant. Really casual where you seat yourself. It was a long narow room, with only booths!! The patrons were mostly older people. They had an impressive menu of breakfast, sandwiches, dinners and even a small salad bar. I had a patty melt and TJ had spaghetti and the salad bar. For dessert I had a piece of peach pie!

After dinner we headed over to City Park and the Dutch Mill, which will be the subjects of the next 2 posts.

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