Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And the Plans Change Again!!

This is a good change though :)

I received a letter at work today and I have been offered a summer school position!! It will be similar to what I do now, at a different school(still in JC), for 3 hours in the mornings, for a month. I am so excited!!!!! I will get a week off between the end of school and summer school starting and then a month and a half of summer vacation. Too cool.

This alters my exercise plan a bit.

Monday -- Riverwalk after work. 1 mile to start.

Tuesday -- swimming

Wednesday -- bowling for 1 hour only. 30 minute Tae Bo

Thursday -- swimming

Friday -- cycling

I will go back to the other schedule in July.

I am thinking my days are going to look something like this...
7am - get up, get showered and dressed and eat breakfast.
8am -- leave for work
8:30 -- 11:30 -- work
11:30 -- driving
12pm - 2pm -- exercise, shower and lunch
2 - 3pm -- clean
3- 3:30 -- something creative
4pm -- scripture study
4:30pm -- read
5pm - 6pm -- make and eat dinner
6pm -- work on garden
Evenings -- computer time and more reading.

Of course this schedule is flexible

Did I forget anything?


socrates1 said...

Just wanted to say, that's awesome that you've planned out so much exercise!!!!

Rock on, Robyn!

Last week, I was REALLY lazy and didn't run once.

This week I'm making up for it ;)

Ran Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday: 3miles/3miles/5miles = 11 miles ;)

Thursday, I travel home - yay, get to see wife and pups - no running.

Friday is a "catch up with expense reports" day.


Robyn :) said...

Thanks Louis :) I will be doing more in July and the beginning of august, when I am not working. then when I go back to work full time for the school year I will have to change it up again.

I know your wife will be happy to see you!! And the pups!!