Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Contradiction of Sorts

I am not a big fan of banana flavored anything. Gum, pie, pudding, fluoride treatments, etc (except banana bread -- I like that). For a long time I did not even like bananas themselves. I don't like banana flavored drinks and do not like them mixed in drinks like smoothies because it overpowers all the other flavors.

One thing I do like, though, and always have is banana flavored popsicles or banana ice cream. I have no idea why. I guess because it tastes so sweet.

Anyway, when the icecream man came the other day I ordered a banana fudge bar which I put in the freezer and finally had tonight. From the picture on the truck(and the name) I thought it was going to be banana and chocolate. No, it was just banana. In the style of a fudge bar. And it was extremely yummy!!

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