Monday, May 18, 2009

Getting it all together

Okay, I am behind in my blog reading and I am very sorry if I have not left comments lately. I am hoping to catch up on Wednesday(tomorrow night we have to go be an audience for a friend's speech for an online class!!).

I have finished the flower portion of my garden!! Except my duplex mate gave me another today. And the first one I planted seems to be dying(maybe it is getting cheated out of sun?). So I need to tweak the garden a bit. I do have pictures coming soon, though. I also need to plant my tomato plant and maybe get a couple more veggies. I can't find strawberries, either. And I found a McIntosh apple tree at both Home Depot and Walmart(same price) and would really like to find a place to put that!!

I went scrapbooking for about 5 hours yesterday. I started on July of last year and also my Florida trip album. I will have pictures of that, too. Looking at those pictures I am actually thinking about going to Florida for the holidays again this year!! Scary, I know.

I have worked out(no pun intended!!) an exercise schedule for the summer(which will start 2 weeks from today!!) that looks like this....

Monday -- aerobics at church AND riverwalk. I will start with one mile and add a mile each month(I will continue on weekends when I go back to work. The whole thing is 10 miles). If we do not have aerobics then I will add another mile to the walk.

Tuesday -- gym with a friend.

Wednesday -- bowling(it's penny a pin from 11-1) and tae bo cardio (8 minutes).

Thursday -- gym with a friend

Friday -- cycling. Around the neighborhood. Add another street every week.

I also plan to go swimming most days if my cleaning is done!! I still need to make a plan for that.

This evening I took a ride on the motorcycle and we ate dinner in town.

So, that's where I am at right now.

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Kim said...

Start slow. Gardening is exercise too.