Thursday, May 7, 2009


I repeat, I have flowers!!!

They just aren't in the ground yet. I plan to work on that Saturday.

We got a small variety at Home Depot this evening -- geraniums(red and pink), mums(yellow and orange), petunias(pink), some grass type flower(purple) and a rose bush(red). Also a sprinkler and a new hose nozzle. And bricks for a border. And 2 more seed packets(blue flowers). I also wanted some begonias, but they looked pitiful.

We also tried to get some free ones at the housing office, but they did not have any out. Either they all have been taken or they put them away for the evening. There were bags of mulch which we will get later. I also need to get grass seed from them.

I decided that I am going to put the vegetable garden up front as well so everything is together. I am going to use "pickett fencing" around that part. I will get that stuff later as I have not cleared that area yet. I also need to get a couple more rose bushes and maybe a butterfly bush. But the flower area is ready!!


Kim said...

Is it grassy but has lavenderish flowers on it? That's garlic society.

Sharon said...

Wow, you've been busy! Can't wait to see pics after you have it all planted!

Robyn :) said...

No, it was called a grassplant or something.