Monday, May 11, 2009

If You Come Over to My House...

... you'll have to hang out on the bottom level in the diningroom because that is the cleanest part of the house right now!!

I am not a very good housekeeper. It is not that I don't like a clean house, because I do, but usually I am not feeling up to cleaning after a long day at work and weekends are usually 50/50 in the cleaning motivation department.

Sometimes, though, there are days like today when i go into a cleaning frenzy and it is FULL THROTTLE.

I signed up yesterday to have the missionaries over for dinner tomorrow since I knew my diningroom was fairly clean and would not take that much to get it company worthy. The kitchen is also not too bad. however, my laundry room floor was disgusting.

Someone, who shall remain nameless, decided to use one corner and most of the wall as a bathroom. This necessitated a floor cleaning. A good one. I broke out the mop and Pinesol. But that wasn't good enough. I also had to use papertowels to clean up most of the dirt on the floor(the mop just pushes it around). I planned to stop there tonight with the mopping.

So, after making dinner and unloading and reloading the dishwasher I started working on the diningroom. We have hard floors in there. I got TJ to sweep then I broke out the hard floor vacuum. Then I decided it could also use a mopping. So now my whole downstairs smells like a disinfected pine forest. But it is clean. I also surface cleaned in the bathroom with clorox disinfectant. same with washing machine and dryer!!

We are just going to sweep and vacuum in the kitchen because I am tired. I have also done a couple loads of laundry that still need folding and hanging(a chore best done while watching TV -- The Hills is on tonight!!).

The rest of my house is appalling. Especially the livingroom. My husband and I are both slobs. I hope to remedy this over the summer(well, at least my own slobbiness). I am debating whether to use the Flylady method or my own. I think I may try hers and see how it goes. Hopefully, though, I can get some more floors cleaned before then LOL!!!

Next time cleaning will be done with bleach because I do like a good bleach cleaning :)


Jessica said...

Haha. I refuse to let anyone in my house if it's not spotless from top to bottom, which can get hard with all I have to juggle. Everyone knows to call if they are coming so I can do a quick clean, but one time a group of my girlfriends showed up unannounced.

It was one of those weeks where everything was overwhelming and I had laundry piled up and some dishes. I hadn't vacuumed, swept, or anything. Do you know what I did? I refused to let them in my house. Haha. I made them sit out on my porch and was like, "Sorry. You know you're supposed to call and you aren't coming in my house with it such a mess."

I'm embarrassed about that now. So silly. I actually like when my friends invite me in and their houses aren't spotless. It makes me feel a bit better and realize all working women have a hard time finding the time to keep the house completely clean.

Robyn :) said...

I like going to messy houses, too!! A lot of the memebers of my chuirch always have such clean houses, but I had one friend who had 5 kids and her house was always a mess and I LOVED it!! I felt that her house should have been messy, too LOL

My husband ended up cleaning the livingroom a bit, but we only had time to go down to the diningroom and eat.