Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's baaaaaaaaacccckkkkkk!!!!!!!

GENERALS BASEBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of my most favorite things about summer here in Kansas. I discovered this last year when they had military night and absolutely fell in love. I love going out to the games and cheering on the team, seeing people I know and just enjoying the summer evenings. The stadium is awesome, with covered grandstand seating and also a "beer garden"(anyone can sit there and they actually sell the beer at the concession stand, not in the garden). It is only $5.00 a ticket($4.00 if you are military) or $20.00 for a buffet in the beer garden plus several drinks(beer or soda). On military nights all tickets are 1/2 price!! We are also going to have a district night for our school district where we get in free :) I am so excited. A group of us are going from work this Friday, but I will be there as much as I can this year. I may get a season ticket(it is 100.00).

What are your favorite summer activities?

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