Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's A Start!!

When I came home from work today, instead of getting on the computer, I started clearing a space in front of the house for my garden :)

There is lots of space where the grass doesn't quite reach, but it has weeds and dandelions and these weird red rocks. My duplex mate said it wasn't the people before us who had them so whoever was here before thought these were a nice addition to the garden area I suuppose, but to me they are just a pain!! I do not like how they look so I am trying to get rid of them. I got a lot of them with the big shovel(while also removing the weeds and dandelions by the root), but the rest will have to be by hand when I go to plant the flowers.

I need to go to Home Depot or Walmart to get a few flowers that I like and then I am going to get some free ones from housing. I am also going to try planting seeds to see if I can grow some flowers from that. If I do, then I will have a nice variety of flowers!! I even have a great idea for hiding the garden hose. I will keep that a secret, though. To cordon off the garden I am gowing to use bricks.

Another thing I need to do is put down some grass seed. There are a lot of dead spots on the front lawn and the garden area is a little bigger than I would prefer so I want grass to grow right up to it. In the back yard we have a big dirt area right by the house and I want that to be all grass, except where we will have a small vegetable garden. There was also a fence back there and where that was it needs new grass planted. I can also get the grass seed free from housing. As well as mulch. So yay!!

Does anyone have any tips or ideas for me? Do you have gardens and what do you plant in them?


Kim said...

I pretty much have a brown thumb. :( What I am learning though is that plants with dark green leaves survive the best in the shade. That's my one tip.

Robyn :) said...

Good to know :). I know that impatiens are shade plants. Which is why I refuse to buy any because that is the only kind I have been able to buy in the past!!!