Saturday, May 9, 2009

Jewelry, Plants and a Turkey!!

Today was an exceptionally great day. First, I got to sleep in(that is always a good thing!!)

Then I went to a jewelry party that one of the teachers at school was having. It was really nice and relaxing and I found a pair of earrings to match the bracelet I bought the other day. A couple other teachers from school also came with their babies and I got to hold them so that was cool :)

After the party I came home and started planting flowers in the garden. First I got a few from housing. They had decent looking begonias. Also I got some neat pink flowers with pretty leaves. I think they were called Cobra Passion Fruit. Then I came home and started transplanting the flowers I had and planted some seeds. I also laid some bricks for a border. I still have more weeds to clear, but it looks like the flowers will stretch across the whole length of the front of the house, which means I will need to put the vegetable garden elsewhere.

Anyway, this is what it looked like before I planted(the area I had cleared)

The area that needs to be cleared.

Close up of weeds and rocks

The flowers I have done and brick border

While working out there I let Scout out to roam around. My duplex mate came home and they were taking stuff out of her car and Scout decided he would just hop in to check it out!! Then, since their front door was open he decided to just go in and check out their house!! Twice!! Their dog has come into our house, but just to see me and TJ and scout and then run out again, but Scout was in their house just being nosy!! Oh!! Before that their little dog started to pee near our friend's bike and his mama told him to stop so he walked away, but was still peeing so he left this squiggly pee trail!! My neighbor kept apologizing, but I thought it was hilarious!!

After planting I went in and took a long nap. I recently changed my sheets from winter flannel to my soft high thread count ones and they are just so soft and cool!!!

After I got up our friend, Ed, and his new family came by to get the motorcycle for a ride to Manhattan for dinner with his parents who are visiting this weekend also. TJ rode out also and I took the car. I was finally able to meet my friend, Sue's, daughter and Ed's parents. All are such nice people. They felt like family to us, too. Sue's daughter is such a sweetheart and is excited to be moving out here and loves the middle school she will be attending!! We are so happy and look forward to getting to know her more when she and her mom move out here.

After we got home TJ and I decided to go bowling. On Saturday nights they put on the fancy lights so it is a really fun atmosphere. We had some trouble at first with our lane so they moved us. There were only 3 people working and I felt bad for all the running around they had to do, but they really did a good job and were nice. The manager even offered us free soda since we had to move, but we already had some and it was okay. Things happen.

So, we bowled 3 games and at the end of my second I bowled my first ever TURKEY!!! That's when you bowl 3 strikes in a row. My scores were good, too -- 96, 96 and 100. I am going to start going once a week this summer for penny a pin bowling(everday from 11-1pm) for the exercise and to improve my game :)

So that was my day. I will leave you with a picture of this little mischief maker...


Kim said...

Wow! You did a lot of work out front!!! Scout sounds like Honey. He goes where he wants to go and wants to see that everything is up to his specifications. :)

Kim said...

I should also mention that it looks like you did good work there!

Kim said...

Excuse me...GOOD WORK!