Saturday, May 2, 2009

May Madness

This month has just started off awesome!!

Last night TJ and I went to Topeka for dinner and a show. I didn't go to afterschool program so I came home early. Unfortunately TJ had chosen to go for bike ride so I had to call and yell at him to come home!! So we headed out to Topeka about 4:30pm, which was fine, but I didn't think we would get to eat until after the show. The website for the Expocenter said the show was at 7pm. We got into Topeka about 5:30pm and headed over to the Harley shop. I had asked my mom if I could get an early birthday present and she agreed so I bought a mesh jacket like TJ's so I can ride with him when it is warm!!

Then we went and got our will call tickets and discovered that the show was at 8pm!! Well, we had time for dinner then!! However, we had already parked and didn't want to leave so we walked over to the Capitol Plaza Hotel to eat in their courtyard restuarant. We had ate there before and knew it was good. It is pricey for an entree, but we decided to treat ourselves. TJ had his typical KC Strip, but I tried something new. I had crabbed stuffed basa filet(which was a white fish) and risotto. It was literally the best fish dish I have ever had(and I have had a lot of fish!!). It was my first time having risotto, too and it was yummy. We are definitely going back there sometime!!

After dinner we headed back to the Expocentre for the show. Who did we see????? Jeff Dunham, that's who!!!! It was completely awesome. We had seats on the arena floor and could see pretty good, but there was also a big screen. It was really neat, though, to actually see the puppets moving live!! For those of you who are not familiar with Jeff Dunham, he is a vebtriloquist comedian. The puppets in his act are Walter(an old man), Achmed(the dead tourist), Jose Jalepeno on a Stick, and Peanut(a purple furry guy). For an encore he also had Bubba J(a redneck). His opening act was Guitar Guy who he also appears in his act ( a real person, not a puppet!!). This show was so funny, I almost peed my pants laughing so hard!! It was definitely worth it to go. I highly recommend going to see him if you get a chance.

Today was the post wide garage sales. I walked around our neighborhood a bit, but only bought a couple of things. I really wasn't in the mood for it. After TJ and I headed out to the marina for its "grand opening". It was cloudy and cool. We went on a free pontoon boat ride and I also tried kayacking for the first time!! I loved it and want to take it up as a hobby, too. It is great exercise for your arms, but also relaxing if you just float!!

We also went out to the dairy to buy fresh milk and then I went to a Tupperware party this afternoon. I will be in for the rest of the evening, while TJ and his friend go listen to music. I hope to finish a book :) I am planning on going to church tomorrow.

Oh, I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but I did not get hired on for summer school, so it looks like I will not be working at all this summer. I am setting a couple paychecks aside so we will be fine :) I am hoping to get into a regular exercise routine of walking, cycling, swimming and going to the gym. I want to lose about 30 pounds by September if that is possible. I also plan to get the house into some sort of shape and maintain it!!

I will post pictures from today another time.


Anonymous said...

I love canoeing. The first time I tried it, I was totally hooked.

I wonder if kayaking is similar? Probably...

I love the water! And, my Sasha girl would be the best canoe dog. LOL!

Glad you had a good day!

Robyn :) said...

I've only been canoeing at Disneyland.

They had canoes too. I think it is the same idea, but the kayak is basiclaly made for only one or 2 people(I was in a one person kayak). And instead of a one sided paddle you have a 2 sided paddle that goes across the kayak. I think you sit lower, too.

There was a couple who took out one of the canoes and they had their dog with them!! They had a hard time getting it to stay in the boat on shore, but in the water he was fine :)