Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer is Officially Here!!

For me, at least!!

I had a very busy day. I had to work for 4 hours this morning helping teachers get there rooms straightened up for summer cleaning. That was pretty fun and gave me a chance to talk with a couple of them and get to know them better :)

After that I went to the Commissary and did some major shopping. I got pretty much all of the menu items for my low cholesterol diet starting Monday.

After coming home TJ and I got some lunch at Quiznos and went out to the lake for about an hour with a couple people from school, and others from the district. Then we came home and rested before the game.

I ordered the tickets and made reservations for our WATTNE(weekend anniversary trip to New England) at the end of June. TJ's leave request finally got approved!!!

The Generals opening game was tonight and it was PACKED. The biggest opening day they ever had. I saw about 20 people I knew, most of whom were kiddos from school!! The game was exciting. It didn't start out too good for the Generals as the other team scored 2 runs in the first inning, but in the second we scored our own 2. Then in the 7th we got 2 more!! So we won 4-2. After the game there were fireworks and then a reggae band in the beer garden. I got pictures and will post them eventually.

Since last summer, collegiate summer baseball has represented summer for me. That along with going to the lake or pool. So we did 2 very summery things today and I really feel like it is the start of summer. I will have the next week off before I start my part time job for a month.

Tomorrow I am just going to sleep in and do laundry and go to my duplex mate's jewelry party. In the evening we will go to another Generals game as it is Military Appreciation night so the tickets are 1/2 price. And there will be fireworks again (one of my all time favorite things!).

I am completely exhausted from this day so now I am going to go upstairs and go to bed. Good night!!

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