Sunday, May 3, 2009

Summer Plans

As I am not going to be working this summer, I have been thinking of ways to fill up my days and be productive. Here is what I have come up with...

1. Exercise. A combination of cycling, walking, swimming and working out at the gym. Not all on the same day, though!! Maybe throw in a little tae bo for rainy days.

2. Clean. Start by doing a room a day(or week). Deep cleaning since I have the time. Then keeping it clean and clutter free. If I can practice that over the summer when I actually have the time , then maybe I can easily continue it when I go back to work in the fall.

3. Study Scriptures. At least an hour every day. Not just reading, either. Writing down thoughts and making comparisons. Really studying.

4. Be Creative. I plan to devote at least one hour a day to doing something creative like scrapbooking, card making, writing or anything else that allows me to create something.

5. Garden. With this month's allowance I plan to use some of it to buy a couple plants. At least a tomato and some other vegetable for the back and a rose bush and other flowers for the front. I am hoping Picerne supplies some to us again, too. I also need to clear where I want to plant the stuff and would like some scalloped bricks to segregate that area in front of the house. I also want a little bit of pickett fence as we live on Pickett Place.

6. Read. Lots of books.

7. Cook out more. We have a beautiful backyard with an awesome sunset view and a playground nearby so I am hoping to have people over more to enjoy a barbecue.

8. Go Camping. I wanted to do this last year, but we never had the time. I would like to try it at least once this year.

9. Explore. Go to those little towns around here and take pictures. Discover some new ones. See where roads go.

10. Kayak. Yeah, I'm hooked. I can combine this with camping. We can rent kayaks from Outdoor Rec. I also want to go out on a boat at least once, a ski boat or pontoon.

11. Visit the Farmer's Market every week. I want fresh fruit and vegetables. And I want to support local farmers. I have already resolved to only buy milk from the dairy and beef from there or the beef store in town.

12. Attend baseball games. What is summer without JC Generals baseball???

What are other people's summer plans?


Kim said...

I would just like a JOB. A job with benefits. That would make my summer.

Anonymous said...

Hey Robyn,
If you need any pointers on jogging or something, let me know, I'd love to share my belabored experiences...

Discipline is a tough trait to start, but well worth it going forward :)

No matter how much I exercise, I always have higher goals... often I don't meet them, nor my self-expectations, but, never stop trying, is my philosophy :)

Peace and blessings sister,

Robyn :) said...

Thanks, Louis :) I plan to start out walking, but I do tend to start jogging!! It will depend a lot on how my knees are. I am hoping I can ride my bike, too.

Anonymous said...

No problem! Take it easy, first bit of advice, don't try and do too much too fast.

Several years ago, when I 'began' my jogging career - which is nothing to boast of :) - I started out barely able to run 3/4 of "a mile".

It was pretty discouraging, because in high school, I could easily run "a mile", and here I was, 27 and couldn't muster the lung or leg muscle capacity to even complete 1 mile. And I don't smoke...

SO, that was it for me, I decided that I was going to recommit myself to regular exercise.

Several years later, I'm able to run up to 6 or 7 miles at a time and still observe failures in training, I thought I was going to be able to do 10 already, but not yet.

Just remember, it's not failure, if you keep at it!

Time your walks, see how long it takes you to walk a mile.

Every day, see if you can meet the same time, or better it 'just a bit'.

You'll be running in no time!

AND, you'll have a long running career, if you ease your muscles into it - take care of your knees!

AND, remember this one thing sister, "all things are possible through Christ".

I remember, when I first set out to do a 6 mile jog, which I had never done before earlier this year, I asked God to be with me, to help me complete this goal, and I "just believed" and "did it" - with Him at the center of my thoughts while I ran it!

I'm always here for you.

- Louis

Robyn :) said...

Very good advice, Louis. I appreciate that support :)

In Junior High they used to make us run a mile once a week. I was able to do this in High School as well(I chose to run the track in PE when we were doing football). While in college I was also running the mile and then for a couple years after. Now -- maybe 1/4!!

We have a couple of nice trails here that are marked so I will use that to time myself. I plan to walk in a variety of settings such as these trails and my neighborhood.